Dear Loyal Synful Customer,

If you have already purchased a Synful Orchestra license in the past, you can update to Synful Orchestra 2.6.x for free. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Register for an account on our new website.
  2. Login to your new account. Go to Downloads  and download  and install Synful Orchestra 2.6.x.
  3. Find your Old Synful Orchestra Activation Code. Your Old Activation Code is in your original email order confirmation that you received after purchasing Synful Orchestra. If you cannot find it please contact us at
  4. Login to your new account. Go to My Account. Scroll down to Exchange Activation Code. Input your Old Activation Code and click Submit. Your New Activation code should appear in the My Activation Codes section. If you cannot find your New Activation Code please contact us at
  5. Bring up the Synful Orchestra Control Panel in your host sequencer (DAW). Click Activate on the Control Panel and input your New Activation Code. If there is a problem activating contact us at